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String Automotive Enhances Analytics Tool


Provides Dealers Objective View of Data to Shape Effective Marketing Strategy


NEWTON, MA – January 17, 2014 – String Automotive, revolutionizing online marketing and analytics for auto dealers, announced today a new version of the Dealer Positioning System™ (DPS) which enables dealers to attract, convert and retain more car buyers by letting their data lead the way.


String’s DPS now provides dealers with an easy way to track market share of new and used vehicle sales every month and assess conquest opportunity within their market. The tool allows dealers to check up to three months' worth of vehicle sales on an interactive map within a specific radius of their dealership, giving them access to registration data provided by IHS Automotive (driven by Polk) that goes beyond what is disclosed by the OEM, as well as cross-shopping data provided by Dataium. Organized by zip code, the data shows exactly what percentage of new cars of each make were purchased at a dealership, as well as the percentage of used car sales put on the board.


Part of the power of the DPS lies in its ability to juxtapose multiple, relevant data sets in a visual fashion. For example, overlaying web traffic with sales, market share, demographic and cross-shopping data allows dealers to hone in on the best zip codes to conquest and shows them the best methods to do so, maximizing valuable marketing dollars.


Another enhancement in the latest version of the DPS is the ability for dealers to look at their lead funnel not only by visitors, but by value per traffic source. Focusing on the dollar value produced by each source or campaign moves the dialogue away from misleading metrics like impressions or page views, and instead focuses the conversation on metrics that indicate the effectiveness of the traffic or leads driven by those sources. In addition String now offers the ability to integrate CRM data into the DPS, providing dealers even more detail than before. “Our mission is to put the power of world-class data analytics and insights in the hands of every dealer,” says Ken Kolodziej, String Automotive’s Founder and CEO. “For too long, dealers have been settling for “best guesses” when planning their advertising and marketing strategy, and now String is arming them with an objective, real-time battle plan that they can use to sell more cars, more efficiently.”


About Dealer Positioning System


String Automotive’s patent-pending Dealer Positioning System helps auto dealers navigate today’s dynamic market with the only vertically-integrated inbound marketing and analytics solution available. The DPS works seamlessly with a dealer’s existing systems to objectively make sense of internal and external data, delivering actionable insights and competitive intelligence to improve marketing effectiveness and bottom line results. As the only certified Google Analytics partner in the automotive industry – and one of only 210 in the world – String is uniquely positioned to keep dealers on the cutting edge of performance optimization.


Pricing and Availability


The latest version of the String DPS is available to dealerships immediately. New customers can sign up at NADA and receive a discounted show price of $895 per month (regular MSRP is $1,295).


Visit us at National Automobile Dealers Association Convention

Visit String Automotive to see a live demo of the DPS at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention at the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Convention Center, January 24-27, 2014, at booth #7151. Join String for a hands on intensive workshop Thursday, January 23rd 12:30 – 6:00 in New Orleans to obtain a clear understanding of how to use Google Analytics, industry research and benchmarks and new tools like String's Dealer Positioning System to make better decisions on a daily basis.


About String Automotive


String Automotive, a leading provider of analytics and online marketing solutions, provides car dealers with step-by-step instructions to driving more sales. String’s Dealer Positioning System helps auto dealers determine what’s working and what’s not in online marketing by combining and interpreting data from multiple sources and multiple vendors for a totally objective – and actionable – view of their data. Founded in 2005 and based in Newton, MA, String delivers transparency, insight and innovation for forward-thinking auto dealers. By holistically approaching inventory management, online presence and reputation, search marketing and content optimization through one cohesive lens, String creates a feedback loop that drives sales, turns inventory and delivers business-altering insights.


For more information or to request a free demo, please visit us at www.stringautomotive.com.


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String is thrilled to be named as the Highest Rated Digital Marketing Provider in Dealer Marketing Magazine’s 2014 Technology Leadership Awards.


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