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String Automotive’s Dealer Positioning System helps dealers attract, convert,
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custom websites

Custom web sites cutting-edge sites that convert

TrueCustom Web Sites separate you from your competitor’s cookie-cutter template sites and enable buyers to find their car in fewer clicks. The most important pages on your web site are the ones that list and display your inventory. Using our deep knowledge of Google’s search criteria, we match buyer’s exact searches to your vehicles with fewer clicks.


By combining industry-leading vehicle data with complete package and option details, String’s information-rich Vehicle Detail Pages and unique search capabilities help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Buyers stay on your site longer and convert at a higher rate. Fewer clicks for them, faster inventory turn and profits for you.


Visit our Customer Gallery to see String TrueCustom Web Sites in action.

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responsive mobile
responsive websites

Responsive mobile web sites

A consistent experience on every device

String’s TrueResponsive Mobile offering uses Google-recommended responsive design to automatically scale your site for different size devices without losing any content, features, or navigation. Your mobile site is automatically updated whenever your main site changes.


Your String TrueResponsive Mobile site carries the same URL as your main site, so Google sees them as one and the same, boosting your SEO. Because Google does not “crawl” or measure m. or i. mobile platforms, search results for those sites suffer greatly, and at the exact moment when you want your mobile site to appear: When buyers are out searching for their next car.

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Straightline SEO

Straightline SEO

The shortest distance between you and your buyers

As the only Google-Certified Analytics Partner in the automotive world, we know what it takes to succeed in search. Our StraightLine SEO solution combines onsite and offsite white-hat search optimization to put our clients at the front of buyers’ search results.


Holistic SEO helps our dealers to succeed both at short-tail searches (such as “Honda” or “Honda Dealers” or “Used Car Dealers”) and at long-tail searches (such as “Blue 2012 Honda Accord EX”).


By feeding Google exactly what it’s looking for in site structure and content, String’s StraightLine SEO increases your Page Rank over time, allowing your pages rise to the top of search results and sending buyers directly to pages designed to convert: your Inventory Listings and Vehicle Detail Pages.


Want to learn more about SEO best practices? Check out our blog series, Automotive SEO 101.

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Data-driven SEM

Search marketing that gets results

Our clients loved the conversion results they were getting from our technology platform so much, they asked us to get into the search marketing business. We agreed, but only if we could bring something new to the table.


We charge a monthly fee for executing your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy, no matter how big your budget. That’s why you can trust us to be honest with you about what’s working and what isn’t.


Our status as a Google Analytics Partner grants us access to new features and programs long before the rest of the world – which means you’ll be able to maintain a competitive advantage in your search marketing results. And our clear, visual “Heads-Up” reporting allows you to easily make decisions about your marketing strategy.


See how Kelly Ford grew their internet sales by 120% by working with String on an SEO and SEM strategy


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Reputation Dashboard

360 Customer reputation dashboard

capitalize on customer reviews

What’s said about your dealership extends far beyond your site, into review sites such as Edmunds, Cars.com, and Google+. The influence of these sites now reaches past buyers and into search rankings. String’s 360+ Reputation Monitoring is designed to work the system to your advantage, improve your online visibility and help you sell more, faster.


According to a 2011 Google study, more than 80% of people who remember your advertising will search online either for the name of your business. The number two search result for a dealership is typically reviews, so a solid customer reputation makes a real difference in determining whether buyers pick up the phone or visit your site.


String’s customizable reviews widget makes it easy for your satisfied customers to share their experiences online; positive reviews can even be embedded in your vehicle detail pages. You’ll get notified, in real time, of new reviews so you can thank happy customers and address complaints immediately.


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ScanPost mobile app

From on lot to online in seven minutes

Our ScanPost Mobile App gives your sales team the power to create and post striking, information-rich, highly- searchable web and mobile pages for each new vehicle within minutes of it arriving on your lot. Accelerate your inventory turn with these easy steps:


1: Someone from your team scans the new vehicle’s VIN barcode: 5 seconds


2: Information on the vehicle is loaded into your database: 5 seconds


3: Options and vehicle detail information are entered using pull-down menus: 30-90 seconds


4: Your sales team takes photos of the new car, as many as you like: 3 to 5 minutes


5: Photos are uploaded to the database, which can be done while walking to the next car: 30 to 90 seconds


Total time, from arrival to complete integration with your String web site: Less than seven minutes. And from there, the vehicle is immediately searchable to buyers looking for that exact car.


For more tips on how to merchandise your inventory to sell, download our Guide to Merchandising Your Inventory Online.


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